On top of that, green is one of the colors of the Moroccan flag. Raja Sports Club report The Directorate Office of Raja Sports Club held a meeting with Mr. Jamal Salami and members of the technical staff to consider the postponement of the club's postponements drawing rounds 22, 24 and 25 of the National Championship, followed by a meeting of the Directorate Office to discuss Updates and repercussions of the postponement … In the Throne Cup, the Raja finally beat Olympique de Casablanca before being eliminated in the semi-finals by the Kawkab of Marrakech.Unlike its two most serious competitors, who won a lot of titles in the 1950s and 1970s and then at the beginning of 1990 for the Wydad and the 1960s and 1980s for the FAR, the Rajaouis have been revealing themselves since the end of the 1980s. And as in 1977, it was the late Abdellatif Beggar who scored the only goal of the match, and offered Raja his third title in the competition.This season will also witness the first appearance of Raja on the African scene, more precisely in the African Cup winners' cup, by opposing during the first round to the Senegalese of AS Police, the Greens bow to the Senegal (1–0), and do not manage to catch up with the return match in Casablanca which ends with a draw (0–0). D'autres personnalités sont à l'origine du club, tels Tibari, Salah Medkouri, Mustapha Chemseddine, Karim Hajjaj, Si Ahmed Skalli Haddaoui, Choukri, Daoudi, Hachmi Nejjar, Mohamed Charfaoui, Laachfoubi El Bouazzaoui, Abdelkader Jalal, Naoui, et quelques autres intellectuels et résistants marocains qui se réunissaient chez Hmidou El Watani, propriétaire du café Al Watan, à,L'interdiction de confier la présidence du club à un marocain est contournée en laissant le fauteuil, pour six mois, à Ben Abadji Hejji, musulman d'origine,Après l'indépendance du Maroc en 1956, la,Cette saison sera aussi témoin de la première apparition du Raja sur la scène africaine, plus précisément en,Cette année verra aussi la consécration de l',Contrairement à ses deux plus sérieux concurrents qui ont beaucoup remporté les titres dans les années 1950-1970 puis début 1990 pour le,Deux mois après, et à trois journées de la fin du,Le 25 avril 1999 au Stade Mohamed V, le verts remportent la,Le Raja est le premier club arabe et africain à se qualifier pour le,Au mercato de 2006, le Raja connait une vague de départ de ses joueurs-clés tels que,Après une large vague de protestation, le président Abdesalam Hanat démissionne de son poste et une assemblée générale est programmée en,Le club entame sa préparation avant-saison en,Elle décroche ainsi son billet pour la finale de la compétition, stade encore jamais atteint auparavant par une équipe arabe ou nord-africaine,En 2013-2014, après une phase aller lamentable qui se solde par le départ de,Le Raja réussit néanmoins, dans cette période très critique, a remporter,Le Raja commence sa saison par le recrutement de l'entraîneur,Les problèmes financiers s'aggravent et les supporters réclament la démission du président dans une assemblée générale. Raja is the first Arab and North African club, and the second in Africa after TP Mazembe, to reach the final of the Club World Cup.• Raja is the only Moroccan club to have occupied a place in the annual ranking of the best 10 clubs in the world [ref. Safri won her first match in this position while traveling to El Jadida, thanks to a hat-trick from Mouhcine Iajour (4–2).On 30 January, Raja announces the designation of French Patrice Carteron as new coach with a renewable contract of one year, he declares "An immense pride to join a club as emblematic as Raja, with the best public in Africa and one of the best in the world. During this season, the Greens defeated Wydad in the quarterfinals with a score of two to one.Raja finished the 1966–1967 season in third place in the championship with 65 points, while striker Greens and the national team of the time Houmane Jarir finished top scorer with 18 goals.On 14 July 1968 at the Stade d'honneur in Casablanca, the final of the Throne Cup took place, between Raja and RAC. As Father Jégo, legendary personality in Raja history wanted, the eagle has been the club's emblem and mascot since its creation.Raja is among the most successful internationally, and it is also among the most successful in Africa.The Greens have played 25 finals in major competitions and won 29 trophies, including 19 national titles and 10 international titles. Raja thus eliminates its sworn enemy at the time of the first Derby disputed in an international competition. Raja moves favorite on the final day to Safi to face the local team and must win to secure the title. After an early elimination in the Champions League the same year, President Rhallam's policy is singled out and he resigns after a mediocre season.In the summer of 2010, the return of ex-president Abdesalam Hanat was greeted by supporters, and, after a mass recruitment of new ones (Mahdoufi, Koné, Berrabeh ...) and old players ( El Moubarki, Erbate, Aboucherouane ...), the Raja is crowned champion of Morocco with 7 points ahead of his runner-up, wearing his jersey with the star of the 10 titles.On 28 January 2011, the Raja scored the highest score of its participation in the Champions League by beating FC Tourbillon 10–1. Green forward Moussa Hanoune finished top scorer in the championship with 22 goals, a record at the time.In 1964–1965, if the club finished twelfth and barely touched relegation to the second division, it still qualified for the throne cup final for the first time in its history, where it faced the Kawkab of Marrakech on 13 June 1965 at Stade Mohammed V. Match refereed by Salih Boukkili, KACM won the match 3–1 and the only goal scored by Raja was scored by Bhaija. Patrice Carteron managed to clinch his first title with the Greens 2 months after joining the club.On 8 May, and following his satisfactory results with the team since his arrival, the club extended Carteron's contract until 2020. Raja Club Athletic (Raja CA or RCA) or simply as Raja (Arabic: نادي الرجاء الرياضي‎, romanized: Nādī ar-Rajāʾ ar-Riyāḍī) is a Moroccan sports club with sections in many different disciplines based in Casablanca City, Morocco. The shots on goal then smile at the Senegalese (5–4) who qualify for the next round.On 20 June, Raja was crowned champion of Morocco for the 8th time in its history after defeating the KAC in Kenitra with the score of 4–1.On 16 July 2005 at the Moulay Abdallah stadium, the training of Alexandru Moldovan won the 5th throne cup of the club's prize list, beating OC Khouribga on penalties (5–4) in the final after the two teams did not were unable to decide in regular time (0–0).In the round of 16 of the Arab Champions League, Zamalek SC beat Raja in Rabat 2–0, but the Greens manage to reverse the game in the return match, and win 3–0 in Cairo thanks to the goals of Maïga, Alloudi and Iajour. Led by captain rajaoui Abdelmajid Dolmy, the Moroccans manage to achieve an unprecedented feat for an African formation, and reach the knockout stages before losing to West Germany (1–0) on a goal by Lothar Matthäus in the 87th minute. Green is also considered the traditional color of Islam. On 8 November, despite their victory over Manning Rangers (2–1), the Greens were eliminated from the semi-finals of the Champions League, finishing 3rd in their group behind Manning Rangers and the future champion, ASEC Abidjan.On 25 April 1999 at Stade Mohamed V, the Greens won the Afro-Asian Cup against the Koreans from Pohang Steelers following the goal by young Zakaria Aboub (1–0), after the draw (2–2, success for Moustawdaa and Khalif) in Pohang.On 29 June 1999, under the direction of Oscar Fulloné, the Raja defeated the JS Massira (2–1) and won his 4th championship in a row with a total of 62 points, still closely followed by the KAC Marrakech.Upon returning from the 1999 Champions League final, and after a draw at Stade Père Jégo (0–0), Fulloné's men face Esperance ST at Stade El Menzah in Tunis. He was also the African champion this year by winning his third Champions League.• In 2004, Raja was included in an official ranking organized by FIFA, on the occasion of its hundred years of existence, and which brings together the best 100 football clubs in the world, while counting national and international titles.• The green eagles were ranked 77 in the world, the Raja was also the only Maghrebian club to enter this top 100.• In 2018, a ranking of the best African clubs of all time was established by the French website The 10 best, Raja CA is ranked in 4th place.• First club to win the CAF Champions League from its first participation.• Only Arab and North African club to reach the final of the Club World Cup and the second in Africa (in 2013). On 27 May, Raja is eliminated for the second consecutive time from the quarter-finals of the Champions League, despite his victory over TP Mazembe in Casablanca (2–1), after his defeat in Lumumbashi on the score of 2–0.On 17 November 2002, and in a memorable match, the Greens eliminated ASEC Abidjan in the semi-finals when the Ivorian club won 2–0 in the first leg, thanks to a 4–0 at the Mohammed V stadium. Especially after the declarations of Amine Rbati, the ex-captain of Raja in 2012–13 season, as well as the vice-president of R.sportif.Berkane team and some other players of the Botola.On 18 November, Raja rose to the throne cup final for the second year in a row, but bowed on penalties against DHJ El Jadida, despite having been a favorite, and for the supporters, c is the drop of water that makes the vase overflow. The team is praised by the sports press and acclaimed by the public present at the Morumbi Stadium.On 5 March 2000, in a packed Mohammed V stadium, the Raja beat the Ivorians of Africa Sports thanks to the goals of El Moubarki and Armoumen (2–0) and won its first Super Cup after the one lost in 1998 On 21 June, after their victory against JS Massira (4–1), the Eagles set a new record and won their 5th championship in a row with 59 points, ahead of the Wydad and the MAS of fez.On 20 May 2001, the formation of Silvester Takač defeated the KACM 1–0, and aligned its 6th championship in a row with a total of 64 points. Mohamed Boudrika was then elected president, and ex-trainer Rajaoui, "general" M'hamed Fakhir returned to the controls, and promised a new lease of life both at the administrative and sporting levels with the recruitment of a record number of players.The club begins its pre-season preparation in Tunisia and then returns to Morocco to face Athletic Bilbao where 60,000 supporters are eager to see the new face of their team. The green color was chosen by the club's founders because it symbolizes hope and growth. Le Derby exprime implicitement une rivalité sociale, puisque le Wydad est considéré comme un club des classes aisées, tandis que le Raja exprime la voix du Peuple d'où son surnom « Vox Populi ».En novembre 2019, au titre du match retour des huitièmes de finale du.Dans les années 1980, Les deux équipes étaient à leur summum où l'ASFAR étaient sacrés champions d'Afrique en 1985 et le Raja en 1989, et ils ont pu réjouir les marocains avec des rencontres de haut niveau.Après une baisse d'intensité dans les années 1990 due à la supériorité du Raja qui va connaître son âge d'or, c'est dans les années 2000, exactement en 2005 que cette rivalité a pris un nouveau souffle, lorsque les FAR ont arraché le titre après un championnat marathonien, en battant le Raja 2-0 au.Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.Les débuts après l'indépendance (1956-1973),Premiers sacres en Afrique et au Maroc (1982-1995),Baisse de régime, mais présence continue sur la scène nationale (2006-2012),« les capacités physiologiques des Marocains se rapprochent davantage de celles des Sud-Américains que des Européens. The epic of the club in this competition becomes one of the greatest exploits in the history of Moroccan, African and Arab football.In 2013–2014, after a dismal first leg which ended with the departure of M'hamed Fakher, Faouzi Benzarti relaunched the green machine, result: Raja garnered 35 points out of 45 possible, scored 30 goals and only cashed 6 During the penultimate day, and in a packed Mohammed V stadium, the Greens played the title and confronted the leader, MAT. Summary; Matches; Squad; Statistics; Transfers; Trophies; Venue; Info Official website. Il fut inauguré le,La partie Sud du stade est entièrement occupée par les,Le Raja dispose de plusieurs centres sportifs que sont le,Le complexe Raja-Oasis est le centre sportif d’entraînement principal du Raja, il abrite également le centre de formation du club qui comprend notamment trois terrains de football, une salle de musculation, un internat pour les joueurs, des bains et saunas, une salle de conférence, un restaurant collectif et une salle de réunion,En 2013, après l'exploit du Raja en coupe du monde des clubs, une idée émerge qui est la construction d'une,Elle est actuellement en phase finale de construction, et son ouverture est prévue pour le début de,Depuis cette époque, de nombreux supporters ont marqué ce virage apportant toujours un souffle d’espoir pour les millions de Rajaouis, puisant leur amour dans l’histoire du club, c’est sur les mains de leurs que les premiers « Green Boys » ont compris ce qu'est soutenir en créant le premier groupe,Le Raja est traditionnellement considéré comme le club du peuple, alors que le Wydad est historiquement plus proche de la bourgeoisie. Raja has won 3 titles since its creation, the public had to wait almost forty years, precisely the year 1988 to see their club crowned champion of Morocco.In 1995, after a merger with Olympique de Casablanca, some of its players joined the Greens (Jrindou, Sellami ..). Mustapha Bidoudane was crowned top scorer with a total of 14 goals, the last Rajaoui to win this trophy was Houmane Jarir in 1967.On 9 November 2003 at Stade Roumdé Adjia, Henri Michel's men won the CAF Cup against the Cameroonian Cotonsport (0–0), after their 2–0 first leg victory thanks to the goal of Bidoudane and Ali Diallo. It is the last edition of this competition before it was merged with the Cup Winners' Cup to create the Confederation Cup, the Raja thus obtains the right to keep this trophy.On 11 January 2004, Raja won the Throne Cup for the 5th time in its history by beating the MAS of Fez with the score of 2–0, following the successes of Soulaimane and Bidoudane. Les trois premières (en bas du logo) symbolisent ses trois coupes en,Le maillot des verts est resté longtemps réalisé par l'allemand,Dans cette même perspective, en 2007 le Raja devient le parrain de l'association de.Depuis sa création, le Raja a vu évoluer différentes générations de joueurs qui ont le porté la tunique verte et blanche. Plusieurs grands noms, parfois passés par le centre de formation, ou bien recrutés au Maroc ou à l'étranger, ont particulièrement marqué l'histoire des Verts, dont beaucoup d'entre eux furent également internationaux.Formé exclusivement de joueurs marocains en,La période des années 1970, sous la présidence de,Le début des années 1980 sera marqué par des joueurs tels que,À l'heure des premières aventures africaines, à la fin des années 1980, le club parvient à renforcer son effectif grâce à des recrutements, comme celui de l'international sénégalais Salif N'daye (1987-1990), meilleur buteur de la,Le départ de ces joueurs ouvrira la voie à d'autre jeunes talents, qui s'imposeront au sein de l'équipe première à l'instar de Hicham Misbah (1999-2007),Le club adoptera par la suite une politique de rajeunissement qui permettra l'éclosion de plusieurs jeunes joueurs, à l'image de.Plusieurs noms se sont succédé à la tête de la direction technique du club, jusqu'à présent leur nombre est 46 entraîneurs, dont 3 qui ont occupé leur fonction en intérim, il s'agit de Abdellah El Ammari (1997).La répartitions des entraîneurs est assez cosmopolite, avec 13 Marocains, 6 Français, 4 Roumains, 3 Algériens, Portugais et Espagnols, 2 Brésiliens, Belges et Serbes, 1 Bulgare, Hongrois, Russe, Bosnien, Argentin, Tunisien et Néerlandais. At the end of a difficult season, the men of Fakhir finish the championship in 3rd place knowing that they were close to winning it, but they finally yielded first and second place to Wydad and Difaâ of El Jadida.Financial problems worsen and supporters demand the resignation of the president in a general assembly. On 14 March 1982 at the Stade Roches Noires in Casablanca, the final of the Throne Cup was played between Raja and the Renaissance of Kenitra. She lost in the final 2–0 against Bayern Munich but came out with her head held high by the applause of her audience and the international scene which praised this feat. From the first minutes of the match, the referee whistled for a penalty and gave a red card to captain Abdellatif Jrindou who then gave his armband to Moustaoudae. The criterium replaced the championship and had to lead to play-offs, each team having to play three matches and gain as many victories to reach the elite. Raja Club Athletic players will return to training tomorrow ️‍♂️. 6 who, during the Morocco - England match, marked the spirits and was noted 9/10 by the newspaper L’Équipe.In the 1987–1988 season, then coached by the Portuguese Fernando Cabrita, Raja defeated US Sidi Kacem (1–0) on the penultimate day thanks to the goal of Abderrahim Hamraoui. Ce dernier refuse d'ouvrir la porte aux médias et de communiquer avec eux. The radio has a list of four shows:• Père Jégo: Discussion of club news and news throughout the week.• L'oulad (youth in Arabic): Invitation of team players to bring them closer to the Rajaoui audience.• La Grande Storia: Invitation of former players and managers to commemorate their journey within the club.• Grandstand: a program that welcomes members of the club committee.These shows were first broadcast live on Facebook, before being rebroadcast via the club's official channels on digital platforms YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.On social networks, Rajaouis are very active, you can find hundreds of fan pages and channels on several social networks, reporting various photos, videos and news from their club.Raja also has official accounts on several social networks, all of which are the most followed for a sports club on the national and Maghreb level:• The Facebook page with +4.3 million likes.• The Instagram account with +800,000 subscribers.• The YouTube channel with +300,000 subscribers and +34,000,000 views.These data therefore make Raja, the most followed team in Morocco and the Maghreb, the 65th in the world according to Digital Sports Media.The colors of the team are green and white. Fakhir resigned from his coaching position, this decision comes after he was fed up with the absence of the leaders and faced with the financial crisis the club has experienced since the start of the year.On 20 June, Juan Carlos Garrido was appointed coach of the Greens for a remuneration of 300,000 dirhams per month . Le Raja a été classé par la,En 2013, le Raja CA, s'incline en finale de la,De nombreux clubs de football dans le monde arborent des étoiles sur leur maillot, et le Raja ne fait pas exception à la règle. Pere Jego has installed a collective game, specific, based on short passes, the one-two, the offensive and individual achievement, hence the label ".With this system, Raja frightened their opponents and they were able to humiliate the biggest clubs with a spectacular game marked by small bridges as well as combinations of high level without worrying about the score. Raja thus enters its 4th Champions League final to face Zamalek SC. The jerseys of Raja have four golden stars. Assistant in 2007, with Youssef Safri as deputy who resigned from this position in June 2019.On 23 November, in the return match of the round of 16 of the Arab Club Championship against Wydad, the first of Jamal Sellami on the bench of Raja, the Greens are led 4–1. The Raja successively beats in its group the Sports Union of Ben Ahmed 4–1, Ennasr of Casablanca on the score of 2–0 (success of Moussa and Acila) and finally the Olympic of Ouezzane on a river score of 7–0 including 4 goals scored by Hamid Bahij. These colors were used since the team's first matches in 1949.The jersey of the Greens was long made by the German,Many football clubs around the world sport stars on their jerseys, and Raja is no exception. During a match played in the Stade Mohammed V in Casablanca on 28 July 1974, the Raja led by coach Mohammed Tibari, wins the cup against the MAS on the goal of El Arabi against Hamid Hazzaz (1–0). Raja is, with 12 titles, the most successful Moroccan club of the 21st century, ahead of AS FAR which counts 8 titles.On 6 April, and after a long standoff with club members, Said Hasbane gave in to popular pressure and resigned from his duties. This auspicious period culminated in 1999 when Raja established itself as the best African team with victories in the CAF Champions League, African Super Cup and Afro-Asian Cup.On 18 February 1996, in the quarterfinals of the throne cup, the Raja recorded the highest score in the history of Derby and swept the Wydad (5–1), success of Sellami and two doubles from Nazir and Khalif. Il jura qu'il fera du Raja l'éternel rival du Wydad. The first leg in Kuwait ended in a 1–1 draw.On 25 May, and after an epic match, Raja is "champion" of Morocco for the "11th" (10 are recognized in the local public opinion) time in its history, having bought many games (by corrumpting referees and some other players from their opponents. Fakhir démissionne de son poste d'entraîneur, cette décision survient après son ras le bol face à l’absence des dirigeants et face à la crise financière que connait le club depuis le début de l’année,Malgré la crise, le verts ont pu décroché leur huitième,Le 11 octobre, le Raja annonce le départ de son directeur sportif,Le 11 novembre, deux jours après sa défaite contre le,Avec le temps, la popularité du club s'accroît en,Les supporters aiment surnommer leur équipe ',Club le plus supporté du pays, le Raja est le plus titré au niveau international, et il est aussi parmi les plus titrés en Afrique,Les verts ont disputé 25 finales de compétitions majeures et remporté 29 trophées dont 19 titres nationaux et 10 titres internationaux. To better promote this foundation, Raja decided to display the Raja Foundation logo on the official jersey of its professional team from 20 February 2013 when it met against Raja Beni Mellal at the Mohamed V Complex.In this same perspective, in 2007 Raja became the sponsor of the association of SOS Children's Villages (founded in 1949) in Morocco. Between 1995 and 2002, the Raja became the team to beat which aligned a record of six championship titles. Founded 1949 Address Boulevard Omar Al-Khayam, Oasis Casablanca Country Morocco Phone +212 (22) 259 954 Fax +212 (22) 988 584 E-mail contact@rajacasablanca.com. The season has been long, but let’s go the extra mile! The animal's charisma is very representative of the course of the club, the Raja was able to fly over its opponents despite the constraints. The Greens won the match 1–0 on a penalty from Feu Abdellatif Beggar and therefore won the competition for the second time.In 1980–1981, the Raja finished third in the championship, then fifth in 1981–1982, however, the Greens did not go out empty handed this season. La radio comporte une liste de quatre émissions:Ces émissions dont diffusés dans un premier temps sur.Sur les réseaux sociaux, les rajaouis sont très actifs, on peut trouver des centaines de pages et chaînes de supporters sur plusieurs réseaux sociaux, relatant diverses photos, vidéos et actualités de leur club.Le Raja possède également des comptes officiels sur plusieurs réseaux sociaux, qui sont d'ailleurs tous, les plus suivis pour un club sportif sur le plan national et maghrébin:Ces données font donc du Raja, l'équipe la plus suivie au,Le maillot des verts est resté longtemps réalisé par l'Allemand,Si le budget du club est le plus important au,En octobre 2019, Le Raja annonce son partenariat avec Dugout, une plateforme sociale spécialisé dans l’univers du ballon rond. It was inaugurated on 6 March 1955 and it knew two renovations in 1981 and 2000. The match took place on 11 January 1993 at the Stade El Harti in Marrakech and Olympique managed to beat the Greens another time in the final with a score of 1–0.The Raja again finished second in 1992–1993 behind the Wydad. On 25 April, the Green Eagles are eliminated from the knockout stages of the Champions League. There followed a catastrophic season which ended with an eleventh place in the championship standings and elimination in the quarterfinals of the throne cup.En 2008–2009, le club se sépare de Jean-Yves Chay et le remplace par le technicien portugais José Romão. The following year, thanks to the arrival of Affani Mohamed Ben Lahcen known as "Père Jégo", the club finished fourth.During the 1959–1960 season, a controversy broke out at the end of the season after the FRMF decided to play a triangular tournament between the first three teams of the tied championship in terms of points while Raja was in the lead with the best goal difference. Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Raja Club Athletic #CluboftheCentury #DimaRaja In 2016 Raja Radio was launched but it will only be on the internet, its role is to provide the latest information from greens and whites. The French authorities, caught off guard, are thus forced to accept the fact. From Dolmy, we will keep the image of this excellent No. First African and Arab team to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup (2000).• First team to win an African Supercup organized outside the African continent "Doha Edition 2019".•In African competitions, Raja has conceded no home defeat at Stade Mohammed V since 2005.•The highest African audience ratings record was reached in the 2013 Club World Cup semi-final between Raja and Atlético Mineiro, with some 650 million listeners and viewers worldwide whole.•Most goals scored by a team in a single African competition: 34 Goals (Confederation Cup 2018). Renforçant son effectif par quelques anciens et nouveaux joueurs, le Raja renoue avec le sacre national après 5 ans d'attente.The following season, and on the final day, the Greens needed a victory in Rabat against the FAR to be crowned champions, but Ouaddouch's goal in the 60th minute destroyed their dreams, and offered the title to Wydad. After a draw (0–0) in Casablanca, Walter Meeuws' men were defeated in Cairo (0–1). The latter won this match and the title of champion of Morocco while Raja was ranked third.