When Kreese tries to get Silver to face reality as he is bankrupt and going nowhere, Silver says no, John Kreese is on his way to Tahiti. For him, life is a battlefield and one must fight for its with any means necessary much like a soldier willing to do everything to survive in the battlefield. Daniel barely spares Kreese after Sam and Miguel break up the fight. He then sets his new untrained students against established members of Cobra Kai kicking out those who lose (like Mitch). While Johnny is away hanging out with his Cobra Kai friends Kreese takes this opportunity to corrupt and manipulate Johnny's students even more and betray Johnny by secretly meeting with the landlord, Armand Zarkarian and striking a deal with the latter to have him own the Dojo. Kreese is a viscous Vietnam War veteran and sensei of the 1980s karate dojo, Cobra Kai. He did that because as a champion, he lost in Vietnam … During the first season of Cobra Kai, Johnny is under the impression that Kreese is dead. Unbeknownst to him however, Hawk would realize that his teachings are wrong, leading to him defecting and siding with Miyagi Do in the fight. He first talks to Robby about when he found out when Johnny was tough and a winner, but Robby tells him that he doesn't care. It is also implied that Kreese had psychiatric issues preventing him from being fit to serve. David and his friend attacked Kreese, who defeated both of them. He acquired a job at a diner, and one day, he was busily wiping the counter as a couple of jocks entered the establishment, one of which had his arm wrapped around the shoulder of a pretty young lady by the name of Betsy. Johnny however, is saved by Miyagi. The Karate Kid Kreese was taught everything that Turner knew, for the purposes of close quarter combat. After being defeated by Mr. Miyagi, Johnny and his own students resign their membership in the dojo, walking away from him in disgust. Kreese also tells Daniel that he and Johnny will finish the rivalry and fight against him. Love Interest(s) However, in the sudden death round, Barnes faces off with Daniel and loses instantly. When it was all said and done, Daniel takes down Barnes and wins the tournament for the second time. Mr. Miyagi shows mercy to Kreese instead of giving him a heavy blow, as he feels that living is a worse punishment than death. While initially respected by Kreese and his fellow soldiers, Turner reveals his true colors when he insists in doing whatever they need to survive, even if that means killing themselves. During the finale of "Cobra Kai" Season 3, John Kreese contacts someone on the phone, presumably seeking help to beat Johnny and Daniel at the next All … Kreese gives him one more chance to join, but a furious Johnny attacks and gets the better of him. 'Cobra Kai' Season 3: Who Is John Kreese's Vietnam Friend? Kreese then threatens to hurt Miyagi and Daniel if they do not show up for the tournament. Turner had previously served in the Korean War and was trained in the art of Tang Soo Do under the tutelage of master Kim Sun-Yung of South Korea. Friends In The Karate Kid Part III, Terry lies to Daniel that Kreese is dead which upsets Daniel, though this lie is part of Kreese's plot to get revenge on Daniel and Miyagi for their actions at the All Valley. The unit was spotted and taken capture by the Vietnamese enemies. Barnes, Silver, and Kreese had made a deal to own multiple branches of Cobra Kai Dojo's, a franchise that was called off when Barnes lost to Daniel. Johnny went on to lead Cobra Kai dojo to victory in the 2019 All Valley Karate Tournament, as his prize student took the championship. In the show, we watch a series of flashbacks to when Kreese served as a soldier in the Vietnam War. However, the years have cost him some of his ability; his student Johnny Lawrence, who was once putty in his hands, is now able to fight with him on reasonably equal terms. Under his orders, Hawk and some of the students destroy Miyagi Do. In the 1989 film, Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is introduced as a Vietnam veteran who met Kreese during their time together. He then rescued his fellow imprisoned soldiers, with one of them being Terry Silver, who promised him that he owed him for the rest of his life. But in the Season 3 finale, Kreese is seen holding a photo of himself alongside some buddies from his service in Vietnam, ultimately calling up one in particular for a favor. At several points, there are flashbacks of his time in the army and in Vietnam, where he was shown meeting Terry Silver, training, fighting, and being exposed and eventually corrupted to the ruthless and no mercy mentality that he would not let go of. One of his old Vietnam buddies (it is unknown whether is Terry Silver or not) offered him a job, but he felt that it was just a hand-out. When Johnny is down 0–2 against Daniel in the finals, Kreese once again hows how unethical he is by instructing Johnny to sweep Daniel's leg, shocking Johnny. In 1984, Kreese is first seen teaching his students, which includes Johnny Lawrence and the latter's gang at Cobra Kai when Daniel LaRusso walks in the dojo. however, halfway into season 2, it is revealed Kreese is still a corrupt human being, as he is poisoning his students into being more vicious and ruthless. He even once said in the finale "One day you'll thank me, Johnny." John Kreese’s Story In Cobra Kai Season 3 In the two seasons of Cobra Kai, star Martin Kove played the role of John Kreese. Fans also saw the return of Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) who made an appearance in the ninth and 10th episodes of the Netflix series. Her family informed Kreese of her death, but his Captain Turner (Kreese's captain in the army) withheld the information from him as he thought it would distract Kreese from their impending mission. He is a Vietnam War ex-soldier, retired U.S. Army captain, and also the co-founder of the original karate dojo Cobra Kai. It was during his one on one match with his captain when Kreese finally accepted the no mercy mentality, and committed his first ruthless act by killing his captain, despite the American Forces arriving to rescue them. Silver, however, tells him to forget about his financial problems. John Kreese, known mononymously as Kreese, is an antagonist in The Karate Kid film franchise and Cobra Kai. It is very evident that both Johnny and Daniel can beat an old Kreese, as his age has finally taken a toll on him, though he still is a capable fighter and very dangerous if you turn your back on him. Bolstered by Terry Silver's financial clout, Kreese becomes as arrogant as he did prior to the 1984 tournament. As Silver tried to get hold of air support, Kreese monitored the campsite with a pair of binoculars. At one point during his time in the army, she wrote to him diligently and he did the same, keeping the spark of hope alive for them to be reunited when Kreese returned to America. Ultimately, Kreese's desire for revenge doesn't come to fruition as Mr. Miyagi helps Daniel defeat Mike in the sudden death round of the All Valley, to win the title for the second straight year. Series Information "To be perfectly honest, I don't even know the answer to that question totally. By 1979, Cobra Kai had a respectable number of students. Turner hung from the platform as American military support arrived at the camp to save the unit. Kreese and Johnny go to Miyagi and Kreese tells Miyagi he heard about him (Miyagi) jumping his students. At some point, he began living in a homeless shelter as he was unable to hold job due to his mental health and physical stature. Not only could he not re-enlist in the army due to them wanting young blood and possibly due to his mental illness, but he eventually goes to live in a homeless shelter. A furious Kreese then attacks Miyagi, only to be severely wounded and immobilized by the latter. When Johnny leaves the dojo to go spend time with his old high school friends, Kreese secretly makes arrangements with the landlord of the mini-mall Cobra Kai is in to obtain ownership of the dojo, as well as conditioning Johnny's students to be more aggressive in fights in a brutal tracking and hunting game much like how he originally trained the members of Special Forces during his service in Vietnam. He was the captain of Kreese, Terry Silver, and several other men. When Bobby and Tommy attempted to stop him, Kreese hit them both. In season 3, certain choices made by Kreese, such as kicking out several students and recruiting his former bully and rival, Kyler land Robby respectively, lead to Hawk becoming concerned and uneasy. Daniel visited the dojo one day, with a plan to tell Silver he wouldn't compete in the All Valley Karate Tournament. After discovering Kreese's scheme, an angry Johnny banishes Kreese from the dojo. Kreese shows some sympathy for her mom, due to his own mom dying years ago. "John Kreese from Cobra Kai is an excellent example of this, [and it] becomes even more evident compared to other characters on the show. After repeated losses at the hands of Daniel LaRusso and Mr Miyagi, Kreese fled the valley and lost contact with his students. Daniel is named the champion and Silver left the arena disgusted and humiliated. Johnny only see what Kreese's teachings turned him into, so he left in total anger telling Kreese that if he wants to take ownership of the Cobra Kai dojo, then he can have it. He then walks back in the dojo with Kreese, as Robby lives in the dojo due to having no home and Shannon being in rehab still. Johnny however loses to Daniel. When Kreese saw Betsy at a table in the diner where he worked, the two smiled at each other, angering her boyfriend David. Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Cobra Kai season 3.. Cobra Kai season 3 delved into John Kreese's backstory — but, rather than make him sympathetic and set him up for redemption, it merely made him truly terrifying. He mocked Kreese once more for his perceived weakness as this was a matter of kill or be killed. One day during practice, Kreese found Johnny crying over the difficulty of his home life and the strained relationship he had with his stepfather. Kreese was an idealist when he shipped off to war; he wanted to serve his country and be a hero. Season 3 of Cobra Kai features flashbacks to Sensei John Kreese's Vietnam war past throughout. From then on, Kreese is a ruthless and merciless human being. According to Johnny, Kreese's 'ultimate kick' is the roundhouse kick, implies when he says 'you still have a hell of a roundhouse' to Kreese in All In.