The Town of the Beginning and the End! ANOTHER GEAR FOURTH APPLICATION! ", "A Fist of Divine Speed! ", "A Vow Between Two Men! The Master's Inhumane Experiment! Deadly Combat in the Upper Ruins! Luffy vs. the Fire Tank Pirates. The Staw Hat’s Hard Battles! Little Buggy's Big Adventure! Desperate Struggle in the Lost Forest! Sanji's Life Under Threat! The Climax of the Intense Fight against Katakuri! Little Oars Jr. - Full Speed Ahead! ", "Side Story! Everyone's Gathered! Nazo no Bijo no Shōtai, Shōgeki Hashiru - Gizoku Ushimitsu Kozō no Shōtai, Ichimi Hashiru! Climb Giant Jack! Already Criminals?! Ace and Whitebeard's Past! ", "The Worst in the World! A Grand Sight: Dock #1! The Vanishing Straw Hat Crew! The Giant Dragon! Luffy's Desperate Scream! It`s Time to Say Goodbye! Broggy's Bitter Tears of Victory! In a Real Pinch! The Secret of Our Commander! Luxurious and Gorgeous! The Fateful Final Conclusion! ", "Finally, It's Over! Energy Hormone, Redux! Chopperman to the Rescue! ", "A Blade of Tenacity! Luffy vs. The Worst Man in the Eastern Seas! It's On! The Pain of My Crewmates Is My Pain! The Traitorous Zombie Protects Nami! The Conclusion of Elbaf! Drifting to the Fish-Man Island! Doflamingo Makes His Move! A Massive Counterattack! Cool-headed, Cold-hearted Demon! Straw Hat Entrapment Completed! ", "The Sun Pirates Split! Either way, enjoy this re-creation of what it was like to follow along with Game of Thrones as it aired, think piece by think piece, surprise death by surprise death. 6-0 : 05 Mar 11: Infiltration! Shirahoshi's Tears! The Haunting Ties! Sanji Comes Back! The Tragedy of Ohara! Akuma no Wana - Doresurōza Senmetsu Sakusen. Sekai Kyōgaku - Dai Go no Umi no Kōtei Arawaru! ", "The Time is Ticking Down! The Final Round Starts! Sound (7/10) The music quality of One Piece was all right, especially considering the fact that it wasn’t blessed with a full orchestra. ", "A Great Sensation! Season 1. Bartolomeo the Cannibal! Beat Kuro! Another Assassin Targets Sanji! The Log Collections were released on DVD only. A Deadly Kiss! The Illusory All Blue! The Three-Sword Style's Past! Vivaldi published the concerti with accompanying poems that elucidated what it was about those seasons that his music was intended to evoke. ", "A Secret Meeting! Here Comes Lucy! The Friends' Whereabouts! Legendary Assassins Descend! The Heartbreak Club. Signup Login ... Everything seen from One Piece? Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit's Bridge! His Name Is Sogeking! Kyōgaku! ", "Barrier-Barrier! Big Mom and Jinbe. A Burning Island - Punk Hazard! The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. You can now check out the schedule for the next year! ", "A Tale of Chivalry! The Ultimate Shadow's Destination! Anime. The Man Who Ate the Chop-Chop Fruit! ", "Tension Rises in Onigashima! Luffy's Past! ", "Pulling Back from the Brink! One Shot, One Kill - Thunder Bagua! The Samurai that Cuts the Fire! The Straw Hat Crew vs. 100,000 Enemies. Men's Pride! Ace and Luffy! TV Shows Based on Manga. Equinox. Luffy vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel! Arlong's Female Leader! ", "Save Nami! This episode list covers the original episode list for the series. ", "The Emperor Rolls Over! Astounding New World! Taken by the Shark that They Saved! Fiery Cooking Battle? A Secret Raid Operation Begins! Orders to Annihilate the Straw Hat Crew. Vivi and Rebecca's Sentiments! The Last Battle for Escape! Luffytaro Returns the Favor! Ichigeki Hissatsu no Raimei Hakke! Spandam Frightened! Kyoui Shurai - Hyakujuu Kaizokudan Jakku! A Lightning Counterattack! Zoro and Tonoyasu's Little Trip! The Boy at the Gray Terminal! The Red Line, Hatred of the Straw Hat Crew – Enter Iron Mask Duval, The Fated Reunion! The series focuses on Monkey D. Luffy, a youthful man who, inspired by his youth idol and great pirate “Red-Haired” Shanks, sets off on a journey from the East Blue Sea to find the famed treasure One Piece and proclaim himself the King of the Pirates. The Fire Has Been Set! Miraculous Creature! Watch all you want. Buggy's Revenge! Hangeki no Biggu Mamu Kaizoku-dan, Hashire Sanji - SOS! The Giant Whale Laboon Appears! [10] Similarly sized sets followed with 31 sets released as of July 2015. - Part 2", "A Storm of Revenge! Pica! Sea Train Battle in the Storm! The Giant Statue Pica's Surprise Maneuver! The Battle of Love! Grount! The second season of the One Piece anime series was directed by Kōnosuke Uda and produced by Toei Animation. Risking Their Lives! Here Comes Blackbeard Teech! Battle on the Bridge! I Will Make it Bloom! - The Invincible Katakuri's Weak Point! The Chateau in Turmoil! I'll Wait Here! The Yarn the Poneglyphs Spin! Sunny and the Dangerous Trap! Evening Shower Kanjuro Appears", "A Hard-Fought Battle Against Pica! Rescue Brook Mission! The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Invulnerable Luffy! Mugiwara Ichimi Sentō Taisei, This episode originally aired as second half of a one hour TV special alongside. The Ultimate Zombie vs. ", "An Angry Sanji! Momonosuke and Kin'emon! Luffy vs. Grount. Hordy Gains Control of the Ryugu Palace! One Unnatural Phenomenon After the Next! Gyukimaru! Pirate Empress Hancock, The Secret Hidden on the Backs – Luffy and the Snake Princess Meet. An Uproarious Deadly Battle at the Execution Ground! Luffy and Law`s Great Escape! The Headliner! Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem! A Foiled Escape Plan! The Danger of the Fake Straw Hats! ", "It's an Emergency! Sabo Enraged! The World in Shock! Lead by a Bell's Sound! Luffy, Setting Out for the New World! Stop the Deadly Birdcage! Zoro vs. Ryuma's Showdown, Chopper Is Furious!! Corazon's Farewell Smile! The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. Law the Boy from the White Town! Ticking Down to the Time of Battle! Knock Him Down!! The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma! Luffy and Zunesha! ", "A Decisive Battle! If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Leaving Punk Hazard! Almost to Luffy! Meeting Again After Two Years! View: For Against. ", "An Enemy Worth 800 million! The Straw Hat's Mighty Sea Battle! You're the Weird Creature! The Straw Hats Share the Strongest Bond! Hawkings the Magician Appears! ", "Side Story! The Conspiracy-filled Reverie! The Motive of the World Government! The Tin Tyrant and Tin Plate Wapol! The Marines Dragnet Closes In! With Hopes It Will Reach My Friends! Gladius Blows Up Big Time! Tashigi's Tears! Love is a Hurricane! A Gold Lion's Ambition on the Move, A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! The Zombie’s Secret! One Piece Movies: Karakuri Castle Mecha Giant Soldier. Start Fighting Back! Saying Goodbye and Descending from the Elephant - Setting Out to Take Back Sanji! Ichigeki-hissatsu! Sanji and his Straw-Hat Bento! Finally Clashing! Operation Utopia Commences! Queen the Plague Emerges! Dai Katsuyaku! Hakai-teki! ", "Rampage! Luffy's Back! The Flare-Flare Fruit Power Returns! Rebecca vs. ", "The Exterminated Capital! Nami to Gyojin kaizoku-dan, Eiyū no Saigo - Taigā Shōgeki no Shinjitsu, Yureru Gyojin-tō! The Dancer Girl - Violet! It contains a single story arc, called "Gurando Rain Totsunyū" (グランドライン突入, lit. The Fishing Fish Strike! ", "Save Zunesha! The God of Destruction - Giant Pica Descends! Honoo Kirisaku Samurai! Jimbei vs. Arlong! Ticking Down to the Great Battle! ", "Beautiful Sword! The Mysterious Band of Pirates! ", "Finally, The Clash! Luffy vs. Straw Hat Team Arrives! Save Nami! Clash with the Black Cat Pirates! Demon Bamboo Vergo! Even If It Means Death! Kyros' Furious Strike! A Rocky Road! ", "A Touching Reunion! The Giant's Island Elbaph and a Little Monster! A Secret Raid Operation Begins! ", "A Super Rookie! ", "A Showdown Between the Warlords! The Almighty Eneru. Usopp Speaks the Truth About Nami! Everything Is to Protect My Friends! A Great and Desperate Escape Plan! The Iron-tight Entrapment of Luffy! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends, Episode of Sabo: Bond of Three Brothers - A Miraculous Reunion and an Inherited Will. ", "The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! Dashing onto the Scene! ", "Break Through! Ambition Towards the Endless Vearth! The Ninja Group vs. The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! Luffy and Big Mom! To Save Her Friends! ", "Landing at the Fish-Man Island! ", "She Loves Sweets! Brook Defends His Afro, A Man's Promise Never Dies!! Logan vs. Rebecca! Warden Magellan's Strategy! A Storm of Revenge! Law and Zoro Finally Appear! Nami Strikes Back With Mirages. Who`s This Beautiful Young Girl? The Beast Pirates, Jack! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie! The Night Before Sanji's Wedding! A Critical Situation! Luffy's Decision - Sanji on the Brink of Quitting! Brook and the Cape of Promise, Food, Nami and Shadows!! But one drawback of being an anime watcher is that you have to deal with the filler … Arriving at the Phantom Island, Zou! Densetsu no Kōkai - Inu to Neko to Kaizoku-Ō! The Mysterious Skeleton Floating in the Fog! The Secret Weapons of the Sunny! Tekijin Totsunyū - Yakunin Habikoru Bakura-chō! Shōgeki no Kubi dake Samurai Tōjō! Ivan-san's Miraculous Power! ", "Breaking through Enemy Lines! An Invincible Helmsman, Jimbei! ", "The Chateau in Turmoil! A Moving Castle! Distinguished Pirates! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cider, Special Edition! Nami's Lightning Attack of Friendship!! Backwater Sword Dance. The Flag of Faith Flies Forever! Tense Zoro vs. Eric! Law's Soulful Vow! Diamante The Hero Shows Up! Save Otama! Logan vs Rebecca! Pound in the Finishing Move. Where can freedom be found? One Piece Arc List. Kyros and King Riku! A Great Journey Through the Land of Wano's Sea Zone! Doflamingo's Awakening! The Ordeal of Iron! The Holyland in Tumult! The Death of the Hero! Rūshī Kyōi no Ichigeki! Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. ", "The King of the Night! Family Guy. A speed gear meant… Rescue Brook Mission! History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea (II). Clima Takt Burst! 113. [2] The series uses 39 different pieces of theme music: 21 opening themes and 18 closing themes. A Mysterious Man Appears?! Akuma no Kobushi – Kessen! Special Attack: Straw Hat Docking, The Silent Assault!! Kaido Returns - An Imminent Threat to the Worst Generation! ", "A Samurai Who Can Cut Fire! Breaking Through the Seige! The Most Heinous Power! One Shot, One Kill - Thunder Bagua! The Day the Sea Train First Ran! Homage God Fist Strikes! Looking for episode specific information on One Piece? The Straw Hats Go into Combat Mode! The Sword's Name is Sniperking? Demon Bamboo Vergo! Episode Ep. A Pirate Group Worth Over Six Hundred Million! The Man Who Will Save Dressrosa! The Strongest Man in the World! The Enraged Don and the Captured Crew! Wyper the Warrior! All Characters in One Piece . The Tragic Night of Dressrosa! The Complete Siege of the Straw Hats! ", "Duel! Luffy vs. The Invincible Urashima Goes After Okiku! Something Has Happened to Hordy! The Battle is on! Proud Hajrudin! ", "A State of Emergency! The Identity of Ushimitsu Kozo The Chivalrous Thief! Raizo of the Mist, the Ninja, Appears, The Secret of the Wano Country - The Kozuki Family and the Poneglyphs, A Vow Between Two Men - Luffy and Kozuki Momonosuke. Kaido's Furious Blast Breath! Into Big Mom's Territory! ", "One Shot One Kill! Composed in 1725, The Four Seasons is Vivaldi’s best-known work, and is among the most popular pieces in the classical music repertoire. On the Front Lines of the Burning Love Rescue! Gear Four vs. the Bis-Bis Ability, The First and the Second Join! To the Sacrificial Altar! Everything seen from One Piece? Reunion at the Bridge of Thieves! Luffy's Desperate Last Attack! Mothers are Strong! Sora Kakeru Biggu Mamu, Purin no Ketsui - Katsu Dai Enjō(Tai en-jō!) Luffy vs. Second Gear Activated! ", "Finally Clashing! ", "Before the Dawn! Seize the Op-Op Fruit! Gum-Gum vs. Snake-Snake, Hancock's Confession – The Sisters' Abhorrent Past. Darkness behind Dressrosa! Landing Operations Start! Showdown at Alubarna! The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman! The Friends' Whereabouts! ", "The Straw Hats Stunned! Track One Piece (JP) season 20 episodes. ", "Climbing Up a Waterfall! ", "A Shocking Fact! The Determination of the Straw Hats! The Strongest Pirate Fleet! Jonathan's Surefire Secret Tactic! Heading for the Ultimate Sea! ", "The Secret of the Land of Wano! The Three Navy Admirals Come Together! Katakuri! Luffy and the Whale Vow to Meet Again! This dub was heavily edited for content, as well as length, reducing the first 143 episodes to 104, and thus receiving large amounts of controversy and fan backlash. Dai-ransen! The Bond Between Father and Daughter! The Big News Shakes Up The New World! The Legend of Ace in the Land of Wano! Showdown in the Ancient Ruins! Luffy vs. Blackbeard! Miracle in the Drum Rockies! The complete series is covered in 800+ episodes and 13 movies. ... cats, quirky crafts and colorful magic! Hawkings the Magician Appears! Robin's Past! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island! A Difficult Fight for Luffy! Plunging into the Devil’s Sea! Fishman Pirate Arlong! The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi! Master Cat Viper Emerges! The Sea Train Starts to Run! The Most Violent Fighter! The Sun Pirates Split! Grab Seasons Of Naruto For Free Right Now ... letting fans download a number of episodes from both the first Naruto anime series that introduced the world to … Sukue Toraware no Tonoyasu, Ichimi Ran'nyū! Luffy's Fight on the Snow-Capped Mountains! ", "Two Great Rivals Meet Each Other! A Recipe Handed Down! ", "Mom's Secret! Rebecca Is Kidnapped! ", "Tashigi's Tears! The Straw Hats vs. the Snow Woman! Free From the Spell! Because without Ads and/or Premium MySeries can not exist. The Dream Ship Magnificently Completed! Cast … The Battle Axe-Carrying Sentomaru. Kitsunebi no Kin'emon! Fortress Battle, Round #2! Head for God's Shrine! The Secret Weapons of the Sunny! Luffy’s Feelings! Landing at the Fish-Man Island! Stardust of Death! And the Most Dangerous Man! Heralding the 'New Era'! Luffy's Conquer of Udon! Mighty Leaders Face Each Other Down! Zoan-type Devil Fruit! The Man Who Smiles On the Execution Platform! A Fierce Battle Gets Heated! 9.6. Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesOne Piece. The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King! A Grudge Over Red-bean Soup! Vivi Tells the Story of Her Adventure! The Ninja Group vs. Zoro! The Fist of Magma Attacks Luffy, The Desperate Scream! Nami’s in a Major Pinch! Save Zunisha - The Straw Hat's Rescue Operation! The Plague Rounds Aim at Luffy! A Blade of Tenacity! The Seventh Member is Nico Robin! Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry! ", "Luffy and the Gladiator of Fate - Rebecca! Ichimi Sōzen! Reach the Road Ponegliff! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle! The Weirdest Guy Ever! Rebecca and the Sakura Kingdom! (7 min) S06. The Land of Wano's Haki - Ryuo! ", "A Dangerous Love! The Seducing Woods! Caesar Exercises His True Power! Luffy and the Infinite Biscuits! ", "Making a Sortie! Whitebeard vs. The Dog and the Cat and the Pirate King! ", "A Desperate Situation! The Brothers' Bond! Luffy's Determination! ", "Brutal Ammunition! Read more. Usopp Dead?! Usopp vs. Daddy the Parent! Show Them What You Got From Training! 16. A Reunion at the Ruins of Oden Castle! Decken Close Behind! Chivalry Remains! Showdown in the Ruins! The Inherited Will of the King of the Pirates! The Ferocious Luffy vs. ", "Luffy's Determination! The Enemy Leaders Gather! The Top Executive Pica Rises up! Luffy Dies from Exposure?! Sanji's Stolen Dream, Save Me, Hero!! One Piece season 1 episode guide on Raizo of the Mist, the Ninja, Appears! 109. Vice-Admiral Garp's Parental Affection! Ivan-san's Esoteric Technique Explodes. The Cake Sank?! Zoro and Kuina's Vow! ", "Sabo Enraged! The Straw Hat Crew VS CP9, Power of the Devil Fruit! Escape From the Tea Party - Luffy vs. Big Mom! Mugiwara Ichimi tai Jūman no Teki. The Resurrected Destiny! A Battle of Limits! And otherwise the community of 300.000 members can assist you. The Moment of Oars' Revival. Sworn on a Friend's Dream! Punk Hazard Explodes! Doflamingo Makes His Move! The Fire Fist Strikes! ", "Mom's Assassin! [4], In 2004, 4Kids Entertainment licensed the series for an English-language broadcast in North America. Nami. Decken Close Behind! The Seducing Woods. Stop the Emperor of the Sea! Kanarazu kuru – Wano Kuni no Ēsu densetsu! ", "The Devil's Fist! The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger! The Battlefront of Alabasta! The New Leader Sai vs. Baby 5! Sanji's Big Plan for Transporting the Cake! Luffy Fights a Battle in Extreme Heat! Bon Clay Goes to the Deadly Rescue! Oda has taken care that every Arc is entertaining and funny. Episode Ep. The Great Pirate, Red Foot Zeff! Protect Baratie! Luffy, Setting Out for the New World! The Master's Evil Hands Close in! ", "The Straw Hats Step In! A Man's Way of Life! Bringing Down the Emperor of the Sea! Daichi Meidō - Hakai-shin Kyodai Pīka Kōrin, Dai Shūketsu! Tsuini Gekitotsu - Yonkō VS Mugiwara no Ichimi, Meiō Jikiden - Katakuri-sen Dai Gyakuten Kaishi, Tsuini Kikan - Yonkō o Tomeru Otoko Sanji, Otoko no Kakugo - Katakuri Inochigake Ōshōbu. Big Showdown on the Judical Island! One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy, whose body has gained the properties of rubber from accidentally eating a supernatural fruit, and his crew of diverse pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. An Uproarious Deadly Battle at the Execution Ground! You're blocking our ads. A Shocking Truth of Tiger! ", "The Battle of Love! Saigo no Hikari - Warera ga Taichō no Himitsu! Tsuini Shūketsu - Sōzetsu Katakuri-sen no Yukue, Saigo no Toride - Taiyō no Kaizoku-dan Arawaru, Miwaku no Aji - Shiawase no Sanji no Kēki, Jingi no Otoko - Jinbē Kesshi no Daikairyū, Sekibetsu no Toki - Purin Saigo no “Onegai„. Fiery Kicks! Franky Departs! The Battle Ends! Break Through the Encircling Walls! Luffy and Barto's Great Adventure! Shin Shichibukai Densetsu - Shirohige no Musuko Tōjō. The Secret of Germa 66! ", "The Numerous Rivals Struggle Amongst Themselves! Inochi no Kagiri - Shi no Tori Kago o Tomero! The Battle against the Big Tiger! The Greatest Day of My Life! Usoland Charges Forth! Luffy Sinks into the Ice-cold Lake! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King! Jet Pistol of Anger! Target: Usoland! A Deadly Elephant Climb - A Great Adventure on the Back of the Giant Elephant! The Nobles' Plot Closing in on the Brothers! The Ryugu Palace Is Occupied! An Ancient Island! The Pirate Alliance's Operation Launches! Sanji's Big Plan for Transporting the Cake! Luffy's Tide-turning Elephant Gun! Luffy vs. The Great Battle on Ice Begins! Goodbye Drum Island! The Gray Terminal in Crisis! Celebrations in Their Hometowns as the Ship Moves Forward! The Straw Hat Pirates Annihilated? The Deadly Reject! Pirates and Different Ideas of Justice! Sanji's Shock! ", "The Legend is Back! The Most Heinous Combination of Brains and Brawn, The Secret Plan to Turn the Tables! Last-Ditch Sword Dance! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier! ", "The Execution Begins! Invading the Chateau! The Time is Ticking Down! A Suprising Fact! One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2020. Luffy and the Akazaya Samurai! Luffy and Old Man Hyo! [8] In Australia, Cartoon Network was resumed airing new One Piece episodes in November 2008, starting with episode 170,[9] lasting until January 2009 following episode 195. Season Nine, Season Ten and the Collections have been released on DVD only. The Next Stop: the Great Prison! The Forbidden Secret - Katakuri's Merienda. A Deadly Fight in a Blizzard! Coby and Helmeppo's Struggles in the Marines! Looking for new series? A Bond Among Foes Sworn with Fists! A New Gear Four Form - Tank Man! ", "The Fierce Battle Coming to the End! ", "The Treacherous Vice Admiral! Kedakaki Ichizoku - Dofuramingo no Shōtai! Panku Hazādo Dai-bakuhatsu, Shīzā o Hokaku-seyo - Jeneraru Kyanon Sakuretsu, Dai-gyakuten! The Rebellious Daughter, Chiffon! One Piece Wiki /r/OnePiece; IRC; Discord . One Piece: Season Ten - Voyage Three. Sanji and Usopp's Fierce Battles! Race Against Time - The Bond of the Minks and the Crew! Smash the Wave! The Big Mom Pirates Strike Back! Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. Try Hard, Coby! Here Comes Shanks! Straw Hat vs. the Strongest Ever Yokozuna! Boa Hancock. One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy who became a rubber man after accidently eating a Devil Fruit. Destruction of the Capital - Curly Hat Pirates Arrive on Land! The Menace of the Leopard Model! Your name is Enma! Pirate Fleet Chief Commander Ghin! ", "Luffy Engages in a Secret Maneuver! To the Friend Waiting Under the Distant Sky, I Swear to Go See Him! ", "The Noah Closing in! Nami and Zeus the Thundercloud! Fujitora vs. A Cheeper of Giant Birds and a Pink Showdown! Inbō no Kekkonshiki. Hogback Makes His Appearance! The Powerful Grizzly Magnum! The Adventures of the Revolutionary Warrior Sabo! The Power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit! Deliver Princess Vivi! Join kitty enthusiast Gabby and her sidekick Pandy Paws as they team up for a series of animated adventures. The Straw Hats in Danger! Morgan VS Luffy! Datō Yonkō - Gokuhi Uchiiri Sakusen Hatsudō. The Singaporean company Odex released part of the series locally in English and Japanese in the form of dual audio Video CDs. The Hero on the Tower of Law! Luffy vs. Carbonic Acid King. ", "Launching the Counter Attack! One Shot One Kill! ", "The Broken Couple! A Horrible Past! ", "Pandemonium! Sanji's Resolute Proposal! Rufi tai Kyodai Ryū! The End of the Match?! The Danger of the Fake Straw Hats! Give Us Your Answer, Robin! The Trap of Certain Defeat! Brook's Past! Jimbei, the Honorable Pirate, Chief Guard Saldeath's Trap! Courageous Moments that Will Change the Future. The Secret of the Island is Finally Revealed! The Linchpin to the Reckless Era! Fear, Mysterious Power! Luffy is the Trump Card for Victory! His Name is Moria! The Strawman's Fierce Attack! ", "The Truth Behind the Disappearance! JOIN NOW. An Order to Execute Neptune Issued! Boss Luffy Returns! Through the Sky They Soar! Gekishin Hashiru - Ugokidasu Saiaku no Sedai! Videos Reviews Comments More Info. A Big Chase After the Straw Hats! Dark King's Direct Precepts - The Battle Against Katakuri Turns Around, He Finally Returns - Sanji, the Man Who Stops the Yonko. The Scorching Don! The Legendary Hero Usoland! Luffy's King Kong Gun of Anger! Climbing Up a Waterfall! Dī-Burokku Shōgeki no Ketsumatsu, Taishō no Ketsudan - Fujitora tai Dofuramingo. How's Tricks? Battle Against Giants! A Letter from the Brother! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! Luffy and Law's Great Escape! Doflamingo Makes His Move! 01. Breaking Bad. The Astonishing King Punch! ", "Stop, Noah! Straw Hat Luffy Makes a Comeback! Here are list of One Piece arcs in order, from beginning to latest arc, only show canon arc based on manga, excluding One Piece filler arcs. Zoro to Tonoyasu Futari-tabi! The Terror of the Buster Call! Orochi's Pitiless Bullets! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger! Kodomo-tachi o Mamore! Monkey D. Luffy. Usoland Charges Forth! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace! ", "Taking Back Otama! Head for the Grand Line! ", "A Great Clash! The Flying Big Mom! A live-action pirate adventure story based on the bestselling manga by Eiichiro Oda. ", "Showing Off His Techniques!