As such, the country’s economic … Jul Save. [234], In Greater Buenos Aires, an increase in crimes committed by people with no previous record was seen. Initially 150 million doses of the vaccine would be produced to supply all of Latin America (with the exception of Brazil). [86], The president also said on 3 November, that "the horizon was starting to come into sight", after the 7-day average of new cases dipped significantly after hitting a high on 21 October. Is your city still in lockdown? [69][70] They both described that were "asymptomatic" and also "complying with isolation and all medical recommendations". 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Bonjour Nature. [76], On 2 October, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, isolated with his family after having contact with a government worker that tested positive for COVID-19. [31] The other seven Argentines on board, including his wife, remained on the ship in quarantine until February 21. [50], April finally concluded with 4,415 confirmed cases, 218 deaths and 1,245 recoveries. The agriculture sector was the least affected, but overall the economic activity for the first trimester of 2020 accumulates a 5% contraction. [201], On 26 December 2020, the country limited the entry to the country again due to the new COVID-19 strains across the globe, and the rising of infections. [100][101][102] It began on hospitals and hemotherapy centers in Greater Buenos Aires and was later extended to the rest of the country. [163] 2,452 non-hospital beds were made available to patients in the final stage of recovering from the disease from hospitals in the province of Buenos Aires. Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Coronavirus COVID-19. May Nine police were injured and at least 27 protestors were arrested. [317], On 13 March, the 2020 running of Rally Argentina was postponed. The DetectAr testing campaign in Buenos Aires' slums included research of housing conditions and the taking of samples in common areas (such as meal centers) for RT-qPCR tests, which showed high SARS-CoV-2 prevalence. Argentina’s economic woes began long before he took office. [311] El Precio Justo's hostess Lizy Tagliani later reported that she was diagnosed positive for COVID-19. L’Argentine est le principal producteur de gaz naturel en Amérique du Sud. I am a sociology student and a supporter of Marxism-Leninism. Top Export Goods and Partners. [319], On 15 March, President Fernández announced that, among other measures, he intended to keep football matches ongoing but without audience. [360][361] The deaths were later included in the national report of 1 October.[362]. Op de homepage van deze website vindt u de covid-kaart, die uitleg geeft over de landen en regio’s en de voorwaarden om er al dan niet naar toe te reizen, samen met de maatregelen die gelden bij terugkeer naar België. The first confirmed case was from El Nueve's sports journalist Guillermo Ferro. Argentina - Argentina - Resources and power: Argentine industry is well served by the country’s abundance of energy resources. [180][181] The previous record was held during the 1998–2002 Argentine great depression, with a 16.3% drop in 2002. Later, after 820 confirmed cases were reached, the Ministry of Health started the delivery of 35,000 reactives to expand the number of laboratories for diagnosis to all 24 jurisdictions in order to decentralize the testings,[95] making the number of testings increase over time. [103], Argentine scientists developed a quick diagnosis test to detect the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), approved by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT in Spanish). Ce pays disposerait en outre des deuxièmes ressources de gaz de schiste au monde derrière la Chine et devant l’Algérie selon les estimations de l’EIA américaine. Later the Ministry of Health summoned different health professionals, making that number rise over 3,122. [87] This led to an end on the lockdown established in the Greater Buenos Aires area after more than seven months, set to conclude on 8 November and moving into the social distancing phase. Between 1930 and 1976, the armed forces overthrew six governments in Argentina; and the country alternated periods of democracy (1912–1930, 1946–1955, and 1973–1976) with … With this very short letter I would like to explain the situation in Argentina to all revolutionary Marxist comrades around the world, to all those who are struggling against the exploitative capitalist system and who are following every turn in the events in my country. This phase of the lockdown would be extended until 17 July. [1][2][3][4] As of 29 December 2020[update] a total of 1,602,146 people were confirmed to have been infected, and 43,018 people were known to have died because of the virus. 1,578,267 Confirmed Cases. Hay 35.000 pymes que están considerando cerrar su negocio", "IMF predicts Argentina's economy will slump 9.9% in 2020", "INDEC: Economy contracted by 5.4% in first quarter of 2020", "IMF predicts deeper global recession due to coronavirus pandemic", "Informe de avance del nivel de actividad - Segundo trimestre de 2020", National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina, "Argentina's Economy Slumps 16.2%, Narrowly Beating Forecasts", "Argentina economy plunges record 19.1% in second quarter on pandemic impact", "Argentina unemployment rate hit 13.1% in second quarter - stats agency", "Unemployment in Argentina rises to 16-year high of 13.1%", "Argentina jobless rate hits 16-year high amid pandemic, lockdown", "El Gobierno cierra fronteras, aeropuertos y puertos por el coronavirus: la veda alcanza a los argentinos", "Coronavirus: Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 bonificará los costos de la importación de insumos para investigar al COVID-19", "Coronavirus en Argentina: El Gobierno permite la repatriación de hasta 700 argentinos por día y evalúa nuevos vuelos sanitarios", "Coronavirus: cierran los hoteles para el turismo local hasta el 31 de marzo", "Argentina could loosen coronavirus travel ban early, says airline trade group", "Argentina plans to resume foreign flights as soon as mid-August", "Transport minister says 'return of regular flights' may begin on October 1", "Argentina could restart international flights in October, source says", "Companies Flee Argentina, and Coronavirus Is Just One Reason", "Latam Argentina anunció que deja de operar en el país", "Argentina's economic woes send companies fleeing", "Aerolíneas Argentinas vendió más de 188 mil pasajes durante la última semana", "Sin anuncio oficial sobre el regreso de los vuelos, las aerolíneas postergaron su cronograma para el 12 de octubre", "Durante octubre, American Airlines tendrá vuelos diarios entre Buenos Aires y Miami", "Domestic flights restart in Argentina after seven-month stoppage", "Argentina limits entry to country amid new strains, rising infections", "De Argentina a México: ¿dónde se respeta más la cuarentena por coronavirus? Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. [247][248] This was also favored by laws suspending evictions as a relief measure for the crisis. Alberto Fernández pidió que el fútbol siga y se transmita por TV abierta", "#CopaArgentina El encuentro entre @Independiente y @VillaMitreBB , por los 32avos de Final, fue reprogramado para el miércoles 1 de abril, en horario a confirmar", "El fútbol se detiene por el coronavirus: los motivos de la marcha atrás del Gobierno", "A dos meses del último partido en Argentina", "Rodolfo D'Onofrio se refirió a la vuelta a los entrenamientos en Argentina: "El fútbol hoy no es una prioridad, "AFA y Gobierno diagraman la vuelta a los entrenamientos en el fútbol argentino", "Qué jugadores del fútbol argentino dieron positivo por coronavirus", "Se confirmaron 11 casos de coronavirus en el fútbol argentino tras los exámenes antes de reiniciar los entrenamientos", "Población por sexo e índice de masculinidad. [233][235][236] To deal with this increase in crime, an "Immediate Response Taskforce" was created for the Federal Police, and gendarmes were deployed in the area. The official data from 2020-03-25 reclassified two cases of the report of the previous day. [209], On 9 June, the Ministry of Education expressed that 85 percent of students would be able to return to classes in August, though with special hygiene measures in place, but schools in the Greater Buenos Aires area would have to wait until infections in the region begin to drop off. Despite the protests, a vast majority of Argentines were supportive of the lockdown, according to polls. [227][228] Teachers unions protested the reopening of schools. [123] 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived at the country in late December. The lockdown would resume to workers of private construction, medical and dental care, industry production and online commerce, lawyers, and accountants, among others, in some provinces such as Entre Ríos, Jujuy, La Pampa, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquén, Salta, San Juan, Santa Cruz and Tucumán, with the respective health protocols. [168], Due to the national lockdown, the economical activity suffered a collapse of nearly 10% in March 2020 according to a consultant firm. Students of the last years of primary and secondary public schools would be able to assist voluntarily to the institutions, with protocols indicating that there will not be more than 10 people together, with an assistance of between two and four days per week, from one to four hours, in outdoor spaces. [246] The COVID-19 crisis also increased "land occupations" by social movements, in which they forcefully appropriated lands to establish slums. This was due to the public spending to combat the pandemic and the drop in tax collection due to low activity in a context of social isolation. Situation of abortion in Argentina. [244], Argentina has a long-standing housing access and slums problem, which was only worsened by the pandemic. What are the restrictions? Similarly, consumer confidence remained downbeat in Q3, pointing to constrained household spending. [20][21] The number of tests increased over time, although there were some concerns as there was less testing than in other countries of the region such as Chile and Peru. [22] Even so, the government's responses to the pandemic were among the best received by the population in the region during the early stages of the pandemic. For background information on the political and economic environment of the country, please click on the link to the U.S. Department of State Background Notes . [28][26] Model-based simulations for Argentina indicate that the 95% confidence interval for the time-varying reproduction number Rt exceeded 1.0 from April to July 2020, after which it diminished to below 1.0 in October and November 2020[29], Mar Los primeros 100 chicos volvieron a clase en la provincia de Buenos Aires", "Regresan a clases presenciales unos 6.700 alumnos en la provincia de Buenos Aires", "Solo el uno por ciento de los estudiantes en Argentina asistió a clases presenciales", "Sólo el 1% de los estudiantes están habilitados para asistir a clases presenciales", "Emergencia educativa. Jun [259][260], In the Patagonia region, occupations by people referencing themselves as Mapuches also surged amid the pandemic. Long-standing human rights problems in Argentina include police abuse, poor prison conditions, endemic violence against women, and obstacles keeping … Argentina exported $69 billion worth of goods in 2014, making it the 47th largest export economy in the world. En attendant de le retrouver, retour sur la situation de l’Argentine… et ce qu’elle peut nous apprendre pour l’avenir. The highest drop was of the construction sector (32%) versus March 2019. Read more L'Argentine est une république présidentielle multipartite, où le président est à la fois chef de l'État et chef du gouvernement.Le pouvoir exécutif est détenu par le gouvernement et le pouvoir législatif est partagé entre le gouvernement et les deux chambres du parlement.Le pouvoir judiciaire est … [268] Train passengers were be forced to reserve seats in order to travel since 29 June. Celle-ci affiche toutefois des reliefs variés du nord au sud du pays. Le chiffre pourra malheureusement augmenter dans les quelques jours qui restent avant 2021, ou être réévalué suivant l'avancée de certaines enquêtes, mais il sera vraisemblablement proche de 100 victimes. [192] Following this travel ban, one of the most strict in the world,[193] airline LATAM Argentina closed definitely on 17 June,[194][195][196] due to "the conditions of the local industry, aggravated by the pandemic". Total del país. The cities of Tartagal, La Rioja, Chamical, Santiago del Estero and La Banda were expected to join the places that were already with a strict lockdown such as Greater Buenos Aires, Jujuy (Libertador Gral. [306], On 12 March, FIFA announced that the first two rounds of the South American qualification for the 2022 World Cup due to take place in March 2020 were postponed to later dates.